Top 7 Reasons To Consider Budget Web Hosting

Budget web hosting services have gotten a bad rep over the years since most people automatically assume that budget equals incompetent services, which is not true as you will see below.

If you are one of those people who are thinking of trying out cheap web hosting services, the main thing to consider is to make certain that the budget web hosting services you’re looking at can accommodate the scope of your project. Below are the top seven reasons why you should consider budget web hosting.

1.      Budget web hosting is cheap.

One primary reason why many people consider budget web hosting is because of its cheaper price. Would you really want to spend big bucks on a starting project with no assurances of the outcome? Most people don’t, so they opt to spend a more affordable price for their web hosting services. Likewise, be on the lookout for reliable, cheap web hosting companies that offer unlimited web hosting because they do exist.  Also, you can learn more about pay per month web hosting options from hosts like Hostgator to help save you money up front as well.

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2.      Testing the waters.

New to this entire web hosting thing? One of the best ways to familiarize yourself with the ins and outs of the web hosting industry is to get budget web hosting plans. Let’s say you are highly competent of developing websites but you are not too keen on hosting plans and such, then you can certainly get cheap web hosting plans to get a clear idea on how it works and the wonders it can do to your project.

It is a great idea that you choose budget web hosting plan providers that allows instant upgrades should you feel the need to upgrade your hosting plan. Likewise, the upgrade should be easily done by a simple email or phone call to your provider. A reliable month to month web hosting option is a good way to start.

3.      Powerful features.

Undoubtedly, one of the main reasons why cheap web hosting plans have a bad rep is because of the misconception that web hosting features from budget web hosting providers are less competent and powerful than the pricier hosting plans.

True enough, providers of more expensive hosting services even try to lure unsuspecting and clueless target customers with technical-sounding web hosting features in order to justify their pricier costs. In fact, these are actually typical features that you can also get from budget web hosting plans.

Currently, a lot of cheap web hosting plan providers can provide you with standard and advanced features, but for a reasonable cost. Some of these features even include those that help you install programs with one click, manage files on a server, and allow you to host a number of sites in one web hosting account.

These powerful features are considered basic, but will do for most projects such as for creating and maintaining online stores or storefronts for advertising your services or products, personal blogs, or websites.

4.      Fit and cost-effective for your project.

As stated above, since most budget web hosting services afford you with basic but powerful features, it is great for start-up projects with small traffic. This is because a small website will only need so much server resources, so you won’t really require premium web hosting plans because your website won’t need a huge amount of server resources.

Likewise, budget web hosting services can even suffice for those who have a number of domains to be used with simple, but multiple sites. However, it is always a good idea that you get upgradable web hosting plans when your project takes off.

5.      Sufficient resources for your needs.

Another misconception about budget web hosting services is that it does not provide sufficient bandwidth, disk space, and other important resources you may need for your site, when in fact, they actually do. Some web hosting plan providers know that these resources are essential for a website’s smooth upkeep so they jack up their prices because of this.

On the other hand, you can also find budget web hosting plan providers that offer enough, sometimes, more than sufficient resources are very affordable costs. The best and most honest companies will offer you all the resources your website needs.  For example, some web hosts offer free shared SSLs (however if you’re building an ecommerce site you’ll want a more robust hosting SSL Certificate.)

6.      Domain names free of charge.

Some companies that offer cheap web hosting services also give you your first domain name free of charge. This saves you some money that can instead use on more important things you’ll need for your site once it grows.

7.      Reselling web hosting services.

Lastly, another great reason to get budget web hosting service plans is the ability to resell some resources allotted to your server without the need to shell out a ton of your hard earned money. Some providers of cheap web hosting plans also allow monthly payments rather than the typical advance fees amounting to a year. During this time, you can test out your project and your plan to resell web hosting plans at the same time for a very reasonable cost.

Because of the high demand for affordable web hosting plans, you can naturally see tons of plan providers claiming to be the ‘right one’ for you. However, just make sure to choose reputable companies that can deliver everything you need for your site at reasonable costs. Make sure to conduct your research about the company’s background and watch out for positive or negative reviews and feedback so you know what you’re getting yourself into.

Likewise, if you are still unsure about a company’s credibility, don’t be afraid to ask them questions and if they have negative reviews, try to ask for their side of the story. Remember, even if you are only paying a small amount of money for budget web hosting, you are still spending money.

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